IX International Workshop on Semiconductor Gas Sensors

SGS 2015

13-16 December, 2015, Zakopane, Poland

Scope & Size

You are cordially welcome to attend the IX Workshop on Semiconductor Gas Sensors – SGS 2015, a cyclic interdisciplinary conferences devoted to all aspects of semiconductor gas sensors and systems. Following on from the success of eight recent events starting in 1998 and organized in bi-annual period this meeting will also be devoted to reviewing the latest achievements and trends in science, technology and application of semiconductor gas sensors with special emphasis to the problem of nanostructured systems, as well as to identifying emerging and future areas of development in this exciting field.

List of topics/sessions:

  • novel trends in semiconductor gas sensors: preparation and characterization
  • nanostructured metal oxide gas sensors and devices
  • nanostructured organic gas sensors and devices
  • theory and modeling of nanostructured gas sensors

Meeting organizers

Workshops sponsors include:

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